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Enroll for Certificate in English Grammar
To join this course you should be over 18 years of age and have a good command of the English language.
  COURSE STARTS December 8, 2016
  Tutor appointed straight away
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Thinking of studying Grammar?

Have you ever looked at a sentence and known that it was wrong, but didn't know why? Studying grammar will help you identify the problems and recognize the solutions.

If you're a professional, it's not enough to do things right – you must be able to give reasons for what you’re doing. For instance, if you’re a professional builder, you have to know which walls in a house are important, and which are partitions that can be removed without having the whole building collapse. In other words, you must know the structure, you must be able to tell the difference between the essential parts and the optional extras.

If you're building a house, you're going to need four walls and a roof. You’ll probably need doors, windows and maybe chimneys. When you get into finer detail, you start thinking about gutters, porches, furniture for bedrooms and kitchens, and other add-ons which help the house to function. Obviously, houses come in many shapes and sizes. But the fundamental structure is the same.

This idea of structure applies everywhere. If you want to put your thoughts into a language, to be able to communicate with other people, you must use the structure of the language, the rules that allow the words to make sense.

This is what grammar is about. It means knowing the function of each word in a sentence.

What will you learn?

On this English Grammar course you will learn about sentence structure. You will study punctuation and mixed clause analysis. You will learn about nouns and pronouns, adjectives and verbs. For good measure, we'll also teach you about participles, gerunds, prepositions and conjunctions.

An expert guides you every step of the way

From the time you join the course, an English language expert is appointed as your tutor. Our tutors are English language teachers, authors and journalists with a passion for grammar. Your tutor will offer helpful insights and give practical help and assistance with your assignments.

An Academy course is different because our tutors work in the business every day, and give you the benefit of their knowledge and experience.

So how long will it take?

You can complete one module each week and have the Academy's Certificate in English Grammar on your resume in just 11 weeks.

What about my transcript and Certificate?

The Academy's Certificate in English Grammar is widely regarded as one of the best certificate courses you can study. The Academy's Certificate is awarded on successful completion of this course. The transcript of your results shows the grade you achieved in each module. Your Certificate and Transcript are sent to you by post.