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To join this course you should be over 18 years of age and have a good command of the English language.
  COURSE STARTS May 11, 2017
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Thinking of a career in Online Marketing & PR?

Ever thought about working in online marketing and public relations? Do you have any idea of the power of social media when used for PR purposes? Could you advise someone on the benefits (and pitfalls) of developing a Facebook profile? How is LinkedIn used? Should your business have a Google+ presence? Do you use Pinterest? Why should you tweet or blog or share photos/videos?

Social media has not replaced traditional media, it has joined it. This course opens your eyes to the theory – and most importantly, the practice – of social media as it is used by the professionals.

At the end of each module, there are questions to answer. However, if you choose to implement what you have learned (e.g. create a Facebook page), your tutor will offer professional advice, insights and guidance.

Online Marketing & PR generates interest in your business. It enhances reputation. It helps you to reach a wide and diverse audience. It creates endorsement of your business and products. It can elevate your status as an industry ‘expert’. It opens communications channels with your clients and customers.

There are numerous other courses on the market (usually but not exclusively referred to as digital marketing courses) which deal with the sales aspects of marketing (like SEO, PPC etc.). More traditional or longer-established forms of communication are taught in our Certificate in Public Relations course (e.g. press releases, interviews, exhibitions etc.). This Certificate in Online Marketing & PR will enhance your skills in the vital area of communication via social media.

What will you learn?

This Marketing & PR course gives you a good understanding of what social media is all about. It teaches you about the tools available to you, how to reach an online audience and how to evaluate your success. It introduces you to a broad range of social media – each with a different purpose – and shows you how to create a presence in that space. You will learn how to use text (online press releases and ezines), photos and videos (Vimeo and Picasa). You will learn how to tweet and blog, and when and how to use Facebook and LinkedIn. You will have an understanding of Google+, Pinterest and social bookmarking. You will be well on the road to creating a presence on social media which will enhance your company’s or client’s profile.

Study with an Online Professional

This course was designed by an experienced social media and PR trainer who has a deep and abiding interest in online marketing and public relations which she practices on a daily basis. She and our other tutors are all experts in this field and share their considerable knowledge and expertise with students.

Student Discussion Forum

From the time you enroll, you are invited to join an exclusive group of students and graduates under the mentorship of Anne Kiely, the course author. This group provides a discussion forum in which new trends and developments are discussed, problems and difficulties are aired and shared, advice is given confidentially within the confines of the group and your skill set is continually enhanced.

So how long will it take?

You can complete one module every fortnight and have the Academy's Certificate in Online Marketing & Public Relations on your resume in just 20 weeks.

What about my transcript and Certificate?

The Academy's Certificate in Online Marketing and Public Relations is vital if you are serious about working in the communications industry. Most people know a little about social media. This Certificate proves that you have a breadth of knowledge about the subject. Online Marketing & PR is a vital tool in the communications armoury of anyone charged with spreading information in the 21st century. You simply cannot be without it.

Your Online Certificate and Transcript are awarded to you by both Orient Planet Academy and its partner the Irish Academy of Public Relations on successful completion of this course. The transcript of your results shows the grade you achieved in each module. Both transcript and Certificate are sent electronically to you on completion of the course.