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Orient Planet Academy announces new PR and Communications courses
for the second quarter of 2015

The Academy advocates lifelong learning as critical part of professional and personal growth

March 17, 2015

Orient Planet Academy, the first online PR and Communications Academy in the Middle East, has announced that it is now accepting students for the second quarter of this year. Interested communications professionals and young students who are looking to bolster their skills and expertise can register at the Academy’s website www.opacademy.com, before the classes start on April 16, May 21 and June 25, 2015.

Orient Planet Academy provides internationally recognized certificate courses in Public Relations (PR), Marketing, Journalism, Event Management and English Grammar. Offering a wide degree of flexibility to its prospective students, its courses can be completed in a time span of 10 to 20 weeks. A student is required to complete 10 to 12 modules and pass all requirements before a certificate is awarded.

Nidal Abou Zaki, Managing Director, Orient Planet Academy, said: “We at the Academy advocate lifelong learning as a critical part of any working individual’s professional and personal growth. During the first quarter of 2015, the Academy received an overwhelming response from professionals throughout the region who seek to upgrade their skills. We are confident that we will receive higher enrollment rate for our second quarter courses amidst the region’s strong demand for excellent communicators and qualified professionals.”

“We offer internationally recognized courses for self-development and training purposes, which are essential especially in today’s highly competitive world. Aside from industry practitioners, university students may also opt to enroll in one of our courses to complement their studies. They will learn from well-respected and renowned industry practitioners, thus, providing them an edge against their peers. We hope that they will enroll in our upcoming classes this second quarter and seize the opportunity to gain up-to-date knowledge and skills,” he added.

The Academy’s last batch of classes for the first quarter of 2015 began on March 12, 2015. Orient Planet Academy was established in October 2014 as a result of a joint venture between Orient Planet PR and Marketing Communications and its European partner, the Irish Academy of Public Relations.

Orient Planet is one of the Middle East’s most rapidly growing PR marketing and communications consultancies, while the Irish Academy is an Ireland-based international online education provider of courses in communications disciplines. The Orient Planet Academy’s courses designed by the Irish Academy have been localized for the Arab World.

For more information about the Academy’s courses, visit www.opacademy.com.