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"I enrolled at OPA’s Journalism course to work on my weaknesses and hone my strengths as a writer. I did not expect to be mentored by a Pulitzer Prize finalist. Aside from gaining valuable advice and insights from a critically-acclaimed author and investigative reporter, I now also hold an internationally recognized certificate that validates my theoretical and practical proficiency as a journalist."
Lambert B. Espedido III,
Certificate in Journalism

"I believe that personal development is a non-stop process  so I decided to study the Event Management Diploma at OP Academy. Being in the field for so long, i expected traditional and theoretical courses, however i enjoyed the challenge in each course and i definitely learned new techniques and methods. To anyone considering a job in event management, go ahead and get this diploma as it will boost your career to a new level.  OP Academy team is friendly, professional and always ready to support, and the instructors are the best in the field."
Wahab Bou Hamdan,
Diploma in Event Management

Basically from my childhood I was dreaming to become a news reporter. I am from a small village in Kannur, Kerala state in India. After completing my graduation I use to work for an evening news paper for few years. Then I got a chance to come to Bahrain to work as an accountant. During Nov 2014 I came across an advertisement about ELearning course conducted by Orient Planet Academy in association with The Irish Academy. I decided to join the course, Certificate of Journalism, out of various courses conducted by The Orient Academy. The journalism course covers 10 modules, covering various aspects of journalism in detail from the abilities of a reporter, language, how to analyze and report successfully, style and questions to be asked, technics of news feature, how to assess the key persons and people connected to be interviewed, how to exchange the information between reporter and the source, and to analyze the heading, emotion visual and insight of the article published. The course was interesting due to the effective assignment provided by the academy. This journalism course gave me the strength, knowledge and understanding of the alertness of a journalist and dedication towards the job. I am confident that I can take up any assignment of reporting now onwards. I am thankful to the faculties and administrative staff of the Orient planet for their guidance and prompt assistance throughout the course. I wish them all success.
Sajeevan Cheriyath,
Certificate in Journalism

Actually it was your site who referred me to that site bookshelf to download it. Anyway I got the book, very interesting as well as this certificate very smooth and I would recommend all those I know to take it and I am quite sure that I will be taking other certificates from your academy. I just love it. It was one of the best if not the best class I have ever attended in my 40 years, the smoothness of the modules, the common sense questions, the instructor, your help all along the modules and even way before it started, I can't say anything but thank you and I am looking forward to start a new experience, a new joyful journey and a new course.
Mohamed ElBatti,
Certificate in Public Relations and Diploma in Event Management

I would like to thank the team of the Event Management course for effectively managing all my queries. I would like to thank my tutor, Jose Penso, for being so supportive and encouraging! I have always been interested in organizing different events and functions…Being a mother you are involved in organizing children’s parties…being a wife you always think of the best adult time…being a very social individual I have frequently attended concerts, lectures, seminars, etc. I always got praised by my children and their parents for the best parties ever, my friends- for the best time ever with a very special attention to details…and I never stopped paying attention to the way the things were organized at various events. I got inspired to attend the course because of the constant encouragement of my family and the compliments of my friends who relentlessly told me that being an Event Planner should have been my carrier to begin with. I never stopped wondering about how companies and individuals manage to organize everything with such a precision to satisfy the pickiest clients... Now, thanks to the knowledge I received through the Event Management course, I have a great understanding and appreciation of the amount of effort put while planning events. The modules and tasks I received made me think independently, research much, taught me to think like the president or the owner of the company, taught me to take executive decisions and plan carefully to satisfy the customer’s needs.

I am very optimistic that this knowledge will help me seek a position at the event management company to begin with, and maybe eventually open my own business…who knows?!
Maryna Bhandari,
Diploma in Event Management

As a student, I pride myself a graduate of the pioneering academy, the 1st online academy for PR & communications in the Middle East. The entire course I took with OPA was convenient, very helpful and perfect for busy professionals.

Most of all, for someone with very little background in Event Management, I was not expecting to ace the course. Eventually, after finishing the Diploma, I’m pretty satisfied with practicing Event Management on the ground. I was already considering taking a new course as early as being halfway through Event Management. I have been truly motivated, and I am very thankful to the coaches!
Rami Abbas,
Diploma in Event Management