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Orient Planet Academy is the first online academy offering certified courses in PR and Communications in the Middle East. The courses offered by the academy include: Online course in PR, Journalism, Event Management, Marketing and PR and English Grammar.
  IAPR (US) Photocalls

In this video we look at how to organize photo-calls for media. A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. We live in a visual era. People take information from video and photographs. Companies retain photographers, hire models and commission props in order to get publicity. Our new video gives advice and guidance on how to do it professionally.
  IAPR (US) Exhibitions

In this video we look at exhibitions. We look at the main reasons why corporates participate in exhibitions and the key ingredients for a successful stand. The video also offers simple and effective suggestions for maximizing free publicity opportunities from exhibitions.
  IAPR (US) Writing News / Press Releases

In this video we look at how to write a good press release. We cover the basics of 5Ws and H, the inverted pyramid, angles, headlines and the length of words and sentences. The story is told through the eyes of the Irish Wheelchair Association's "Sign Up" campaign.
  IAPR (US) Online Marketing & PR

This video uses the World Trade Centre network - in Dublin, Boston and Washington - to explain how online marketing and public relations works for businesses today. It looks at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, websites, blogging -- and much more!

This short video looks at journalism and the work of journalists. Via broadcast media and in print, journalists are responsible for telling us the news and offering us opinion & comment. They also enhance our understanding of issues using visual and aural material. This video tells the story of the art, craft, profession and business that is journalism today.
  Event Management

This is the second video in our series which brings the world of Event Management to life. This video explains the framework in which event managers work, through the visual story of a busy music weekend in The Spirit Store, a music venue in Dundalk, Ireland.

Event Management is a major industry worldwide. It generates billions of dollars globally. It is used by governments and major corporates to launch policies and products. It is also used by the music and film industries to launch actors, bands, films and new releases.
  Public Relations

This is the first in a series of videos which we hope you will find entertaining and informative. Each video deals with a different communications issue. This, the first, looks at public relations and tries to explain how it is defined, what it is all about, and how PR can help you to promote your business, charity or club.